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I hate feelin like I need someone to talk to

I hate feeling like I can’t deal w something on my own

I hate feeling like I don’t have control

I hate feeling like I’m not strong enough during a situation

I hate feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing

I hate feeling

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more alone in my entire life.

I thought I knew what it felt like for so long, but then it actually settles into you and it’s one of the loudest, most decapitating feelings you can ever have

I hate how helpless I feel at this point in my life, I have no control yet everything that could ever happen to me is completely in my hands

But it’s like I can’t see, like I’ve lost my senses, yet at the same time I can feel everything to the pinnacle degree

I can’t decide whether I’m scared out of my mind or simply overwhelmed

I can’t think clearly

I need something solid but I know that I’m not going to have that for quite a long time

Sometimes I hear or see something and I can’t really get it out of my head for awhile.

I’ll randomly ask people about a piece of this broad, general area of confusion I have about something. I’ll elude to it in conversations and I’ll sit and listen to the thoughts and beliefs of others to see if I can find any source of solution to the questions I have.

Lately I’ve just been really wrapped up in the concept of falling in love, different kinds of love, real love, affection, romance, intimacy, lust, desire, attachment. 

I’ve seen all kinds of love. I’ve watched people become entangled by the long delicate fingers of attraction but I can’t say that I’ve experienced those same lovely entrapments. I’ve merely watched and barely missed these beautiful, sadistic addictions. It seems that whenever I come close, and I have come close once, the circumstances change and I am spun in circles once more, now facing a completely different scene with lingering feelings and missed opportunities.

But, regardless of what I’ve experienced personally, tons of questions echo within me

Is it possible to be in love, in true, head over heals, soul mate type love with more than one person? Is there only one soul mate? Does everyone have one? Do some people have multiple? Does everyone have multiple?

What about those who love someone and then lose them, say through death, and then fall in love again with another person. What if they had met that second lover while they were still with the first one?

Is it possible to be equally in love with two people? If love is such a good thing, is it wrong to not devote all your love to one person? Does the concept of fidelity change?

It’s hard for me to imagine having more than one lover or my lover not loving solely me. Is that wrong? 

How can you tell when it’s real? Does love fade?

Do we create too many rules around love and does that pollute our pure instinctual inclinations to helplessly fall into this complete typhoon of emotion, beauty and despair?

Is it ever possible for two people to love each other equally? Or does someone always love more?

Love is so strange. We are so alone for most of our lives. We’re raised with this dream that one day we will find one person, one single soul that will intertwine themselves with us and we will no longer be alone. Yet, we still remain separate. People still walk away. We die. We divorce. We change.

Why is it so easy? Why is it so difficult?

There are so many shapes to love. I want to feel it all. But it’s beautifully frightening and sometimes it hits me how naive I truly am. Yes, I’ve felt love. But I’ve never felt completely and unequivocally in love with another person. And I’m afraid that when I do, I’ll love too hard, too much and too passionately. I’ll wait for it to happen and when it does I think a lot of this will make more sense. But until it does it’s a complete mystery to me.

damn i dont even wanna go to prom i dont even wanna go to college fuck senior year

Have you ever been in love?

No, not to your standards.

I have never held a lover’s hand and felt both weightless and heavy at the same time.

I have never felt completely and utterly connected to someone that I could not picture a day without a dose of their essence.

I have never been so engrossed in the thought and experience of another person that I forget about my surroundings, spinning in circles, recklessly, joyously, freely

I have never thrown old dishes at the wall after hanging up on a bad note, after a bad night, after a bad fight, left with nothing but questions, empty rooms, slammed doors, and aching longing.

Yet, to me, I’ve been in love countless times.

I fell in love with her as she rested her right cheek on her knees, staring out the window on the metro, sitting in the back next to the heater, with her pink earphones in and her eyes closed

I fell in love with him, the boy laying on a park bench staring at the cloudy sky, smoking a cigarette, playing with his hair that’s getting too long, humming a made up tune that only he understands

I fell in love with the old woman putting groceries in her green Subaru at 7:41 PM in the parking lot, balancing the phone in between her shoulder and her ear, laughing with her daughter about how the boys came back from summer camp with countless bruises, cuts, sprains and bug bites

I fell in love with him as he did his homework, oblivious to me, to anyone, when he looked up staring off into space thinking about something I will never get to hear

I fell in love with you as you laughed, till tears ran down your flushed cheeks, breathless, alive

I’ve fallen in love, hopelessly, for as long as I can remember

Every day I fall
and every day I break

because I’m reminded again of how temporary it all is.

I see again and again both the infinite beauty
and the perfect terror
of the human experience, of our condition,

of our pain, of our joy.

No, I’ve never been in love. But I’ve fallen many times.

Describe yourself in one word

If I were to describe myself in words, in one, single word

I would have nothing to say.

If I tried to choose a word, I would also have to utter its antonym

Because even though my emotions bring me to my knees
when the day is over,

I’m an expert at apathy when I awaken.

Because I reach the highest of peaks
but also the lowest of


Even though I often sigh in deep deflation,

I have inexhaustible energy

Because even though I’ll walk to the ends of the earth
in search of something, of anything

I’d walk just as far in the opposite direction

Because if I were to describe myself in one word

the only word that would surface would be


this week was draining. something specific kept overwhelming me though.. i felt like i was constantly being watched. one day i came back from a run and had to lay down in my room with the lights off for a good hour just to feel like i was truly alone. 

so much of our lives is based on what we see. in others and in ourselves. unfortunately, it’s the superficial sight. that’s what’s bothering me. i feel like people see me, but I never feel like im really being seen. its all just the outside. its disheartening. it all feels so empty, cold and superficial 

its exhausting living in this society that only cares about what you look like, how you act on the outside. wish i could step out of this exterior, take it all off, and truly be seen for what I am

I’m still so affected by my own thoughts, my own mind and beliefs. I’ve made many attempts to control them, to become empty, clear, and allow my mind to operate unobtrusively alongside my conscience. but I still feel like I haven’t made any progress… I mean I did at first, maybe I still do sometimes, but it’s an illusion

I don’t have control over anything, its all just spinning out again slowly but surely

I have a certain intensity that’s really hard to conceal. Lately I’ve tried new ways of turning it off, turning myself off basically but deep down I know it can only last for so long. my emotions and thoughts will eventually surface and I will fall again into inexplicable depressions like I did so often last year. 

I can’t talk about this out loud because it’s something that I don’t even understand myself. I keep thinking that this time it’ll be different, I’ll be able to master it all, I’ll have it all under control but I know I don’t/

it’s like I push my thoughts to the very edge of their abilities, up till the point where i’m looking out over the edge and i get dizzy from the depths of what i don’t understand, what’s out of my reach forever. i push myself into silent periods where I can’t an won’t let myself connect with any other person because im convinced that my mind works way too differently from everyone elses’

im sure im jus rambling by now but all i feel is the inevitability of my disposition surfacing to take control again and i dont know if this time ill have the energy to turn myself back to where i am right now

everything is so intricate.

each person in their own curious uniqueness. the way each relationship is between only two people and we’re all connected somehow, through a few twists and loops, or maybe a thousand friends of a friend of a friend..

makes me think it’s hopelessly impossible to untangle this infinite web of human interaction, even a little bit.

recently I’ve been wondering about all the people I never crossed paths with who I could have been really compatible with and I wonder why that is.

I’ve always thought everyone and everything in your life was meant to be, but what if I had stayed two more minutes at a library or a bus tunnel or something and met someone that would have been a perfect fit? an im not sayin just love and romance but someone who’s made of the same fabric ya know? why couldn’t I have spent those extra two minutes, why is the universe keeping me from it

what if what if what if


Let me ride you to the last 2 minutes of this song

fill my love like a sun ray

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I feel like I’m walking on glass. 

I feel an constant sense of dread and anxiety in my lungs.

I feel claustrophobic.

I feel both apathetic and sensitive.

I feel inaudible.

My mind is never still.

My body is out of tune.

My thoughts are chaos.

My senses are stifled.

This is not the life I want.. so why am I doing everything in my power to keep it that way?

There is a creature inside me.

You could strip me bare, every layer of skin, every organ, every sin and it would still be there, edging, scratching, climbing, screaming

into the chambers of my skeleton, my breath growing thin

I try to let you in, but this creature inside me

forbids such an act of vulnerability.

I open my mouth to speak, and it crouches in my throat, waiting. If only you could see, this creature inside me.

There are times when I appear to be free

unchained by this constant apprehension and anxiety

that bubbles up within me at the moments between seconds when I let my guard down.

My rhythm falters, my physique weakens, I am no longer in control.

But that is my beautiful illusion I so desperately tell myself, because I never was.

The creature inside me has a face. A face that I will never see but always know, it glows with a effervescent light, hard to miss but easy to ignore. 

I will always have this creature inside me.

You will always have this creature inside you.

Until we are ready to take their place

and return within ourselves

to the places we ran from

to the hollows we fear

then is when we will suddenly be free

from the creature.

This might sound cliche

but I imagine you all the time.

I imagine

the feeling I’ll get when I realize there will be no more searching

the pleasure I’ll get when your hand fits perfectly in mine

like I knew it would.

The way the tsunami within me

will finally be still

the second I lay my hands on you.

The way my thoughts

will magically make sense

because you can hear them.

At night

I wonder what you’re doing

and thinking

whether you’re staring at the stars too

enjoying the night’s silent peace.

I like to think you smell the night air

and leave your window open till morning

just like me.

Sometimes I picture your smile

and I am comforted by the fact that

you exist


When all else fails

when everyone else cannot see me

I remember that you already do.

And one day I will have you

and I will no longer need

to have anyone


i have so much to say but dont know how to say it

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